Corporate clothing is professional, smart and offers an excellent yet subtle marketing opportunity for your business.

At Sign Plus we can design and produce top quality staff uniforms, promotional outfits or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) clothing.

Supermarkets and High Street Retailers recognise the advantages of uniforms. They help customers identify staff members and they help staff members promote the business during working hours.  From a simple logo on a polo shirt to a fully customised uniform, at Sign Plus we can produce whatever you need.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE clothing is designed to be highly visible and eye catching for safety reasons.  If you work in an industry where PPE clothing is required, why not take advantage of this and also make your company name highly visible and eye catching as well!

Sign Plus can provide the solution

Whether you want a screen printed uniform, where ink is applied to clothing much like in t-shirt design, or an embroidered uniform, where computer controlled machines stitch thread into clothing from a digitised image, we can help.

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