There are often questions that come up frequently when working on sign projects and below are the ones that our team at Sign Plus are most often asked.

Are proofs supplied prior to production of my sign?

Yes, all artwork must be approved and signed off by you the customer before your sign is manufactured and fitted.

Any amendments to design, material sizes etc after you have given your approval may be chargeable.


Do we need to supply our own artwork/designs?

The Sign Plus team of designers can create artwork for your signage requirements in-house. However, if you have suitable artwork ready for use by Sign Plus then we would be happy to use it in the production of your sign. Please contact a member of our team to find out more about supplying artwork to us.


What type of files do you accept for artwork?

Sign Plus is capable of accepting a wide range of differing types of artwork files.

The common files that we accepts are as follows Plt. Eps. Pdf. Tiff. Jpg. AI or PSD files.

Please check with a  member of our team before sending artwork to us as some application require certain settings before we can use them with our systems.


Do I need planning permission?

It is always advisable to contact the planning office when commissioning new exterior signs to ensure you comply with current building and planning regulations. You may need to apply for advertisement consent to display an advertisement bigger than 0.3 square metres (or any size if illuminated) on the front of, or outside, your property be it a house or business premises. The Sign Plus team can advise you on what permissions may be required and how to apply for them.

If you have a specific question regarding a project you are working on then please call a member of our team on 01383 823000 or visit our contact us page.