Sign Plus specialise in the provision of high quality safety signs to industry.

Health and Safety information is necessary across commercial, public and private spaces.

It can be a legal requirement or a voluntary option but is there to ensure your customers and staff can move around your space and be fully informed of all the potential problems they might face and what to do in an emergency.

Legally Required Health & Safety Signs

For legally required signs, understanding what your obligations are and what form the signs must take can be challenging.  Some signs have statutory wording you can’t change; others have to be in a specific colour or of a particular size.  We produce these signs every day and so are well versed in ensuring your signs are legally compliant.

Voluntary Safety Signs

For voluntary signs, we can ensure that they advise, warn, stop or direct your customers in a way that is easy to understand while looking like an integral part of your décor.

Professional Service

Whether you are a private individual, a large business or a public body, at Sign Plus we’ll play our part to ensure your customers are safe and your business complies with the law.

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